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Vehicles preparation

Our skilled technicians have state of the art diagnostic machines, perform necessary safety inspections and can give you a guaranteed repair estimate.
It is worth mentioning that prior to dispatch and as part of the preparatory phase, we do have the facilities to prepare vehicles to a high standard with a fresh coat of paint.


Ex Army UK offer a wide range of services for our customers:
  1. Fully-equipped field service trucks with advanced diagnostic equipment
  2. Warehouse of spare parts
  3. Skilled factory-trained technicians
  4. Body trucks repair
  5. Undercarriage repair
  6. Engine repair
  7. Performs panel straightening, fiberglass and plastic repair.
  8. Electric circuit repair

    We go to great lengths to ensure that the preparation of vehicles is high on the list of quality services we provide.
    • Thorough cleaning of each machine, using high pressure, hot water and detergent cleaners, is a vital step.
    • The shot blast method used cleanly and efficiently strips each unit down to bare metal.
    • A comprehensive sanding down program to get rid of surface rust and debris
    • The vehicles then go through a stage of masking where all items that are not to be painted are covered with paper and tape including, tyres, lights, glass etc. etc.
    • High quality base primer being applied to seal and protect the metals of the vehicle before finally applying the customer approved topcoat colour.
    • Customers have a choice of the Basic (Included in price) Single Pack or optional two pack finish which does take that little bit longer to prepare and paint and for which we have to charge a supplement.
    • Choice of colour preference is dictated by the customer and usually is accompanied
      by a .
    • Applying custom decals helps enhance the final professional appearance our customers deserve. - the best offers

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