This website was created specifically for customers from Africa and the Middle East
LJackson and co ltd | AFRICA-UK.COM with over 60 years of experience in the supply of surplus ex military trucks, military Land Rovers, armoured Mercedes, plant and army equipment. We work very closely with the MOD/ Ministry of Defence and military NATO forces for the disposal of Military vehicles when it is replaced or removed from service.

Our clients are hundreds of private and government companies from Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Uganda, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa and other.
Our export market covers all the aspects of the world and our shipping department are widely experienced in the handling of freight, documentation and customs formalities.

Specialist suppliers to the mining, construction, agriculture in Africa and the Middle east:

  • Construction & Road building in Africa and the Middle east. All terrain vehicles for the worlds toughest environments, military surplus, trucks and trailers supplied, along with spare parts for all.
  • Used vehicles for the construction & Road building in Africa and the Middle east
  • Remote fuel supply companies in Africa and the Middle east. Fuel tanks supplied along with customised all terrain fuel trucks to get the job done.
  • Mining operations & Exploration in Africa and the Middle east. Power generation and encampments for the worlds remote mining operations, laundry units, field kitchens and more.


We have a full stock of spare parts, new and second hand.


We deliver to over 150 countries.


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