Mercedes 1017 4x4 Lube Truck

ID: 374 Ref MOD: 11767
Location:DN10 6ET, Doncaster, UK

Mercedes 1017 4x4 Lube Truck

Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 20,000-70,000 kms
Year of Manufacture: 1990

Mercedes 1017 4x4 Lube Truck fitted with:

1x Honda 23cfm diesel engine driven compressor unit
4x 405 litre drums for, engine oil,ATF, Gear oil and hydraulic oil.
4x Air driven pumps, retractable delivery hose, delivery gun.
1x Tap off point for air line.
1x Air driven greaser bucket.
1x Hiab 3,000Kg crane - Ex MoD.
1x Air driven suction barrel, approx 100 litre capacity.

Details Mercedes 1017 4x4 ex army Lube Truck

Engine MB 352 A 6 Cyl Turbo Diesel
GVW 12,200kg
Steering Power steering LHD available
Max Load 5,400kg
Electrics 24 volt
Tyres 22.50/7.50 x 22.50

Length 7.20m
Height 2.47m
Width 2.88m

Manufactured by:   Mercedes
Units Available: 1 units

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